“Life is a game, and money is how we keep score.”

Money sucks! Period. End of story.

Today I saw this post: “Money is the root to all evil”, and lately I’ve felt that money is everything. You can’t really do anything without money, and your entire life is about working to survive. I don’t understand how some people have so much money. Money for generations. Money to buy small countries and islands. And of course, I know that they probably worked really hard for that money, some have worked for generations to build up companies and so and, but I still feel like there is a too big of a difference in the world moneywise.

And how some countries and cities are built for rich people, like London. When I lived in Sweden I had a beautiful 2-bedroom apartment with a huge living room, an amazing modern kitchen, and a balcony and I paid £790 a month, it’s about a thousand dollars. In London you get, a (if you are lucky) ok studio flat, or a small but kind of beautiful bedroom in a shared flat. How is that not too big of a difference in money value?

I feel so confused and lost because I want so much from life, but I don’t know how to start, where to start! I have an amazing job, which is a huge career booster for me, but it’s not enough. I want to have a good future, filled with traveling to exotic destinations. I want to be able to buy a house in south of Spain when I’m old and ready to settle down in one last place. I want to open an amazing restaurant where people can come and enjoy amazing food and drinks, but I don’t know how to get from here to there.

I know that for each year that has passed I’ve come a little bit further, but it also feels like I’m not escalating in life fast enough. I don’t know, maybe I’m just overthinking this.. it is pretty late… it’s 2 o’clock in the morning here. And I’m just laying here, letting the thoughts play tricks with my mind. The worst thing is when you start doubting yourself, even for a second, because it can ruin your entire spirit and It can take a while to get back to believing yourself again.

Maybe I want to much from life? Is that possible? It’s not like I’m asking to be handed stuff for free, I know that there Is a lot of ground to cover if you want a piece of the sweet life. And you have to push your mind and body to extreme lengths to get there.

Ahh… now it just feels like it’s too much negativity in this post. I’m sorry for that, I didn’t mean for happen, but we all know that life isn’t just sweet and happy! Let me give you a few tips to try to save some money. To have good money saving tips are very essential to a wealthy future. Of course not all of this will work for everyone, but find 2-3 you like and try them in real life! Good luck!

  • Always have a shopping list, and stick to it! It’s so easy to just walk in the store and go “Ah, I need this and this and this!” And at the register you just spent a lot more than you would’ve otherwise!
  • Move a specific amount of money to a savings account each month when you get your salary! Even if it’s just a few dollars or cents, it’s still more money saved than you had before. And look for a bank that doesn’t have a fee for new accounts.
  • Use coupons when shopping! That’s why you get them. You may not save thousands, but it’s still a little more money. Write a weekly food schedule for your meals and plan after your coupons.
  • Build a budget. It’s really useful to have a budget. Start with your income and then take away all the bills, and then the cost for food for a month. Have 3 envelopes with these 3 headlines: Emergencies, Fun, Extra. So the emergency envelope is for if something breaks, car, fridge, washing machine. Fun is for if you want to go and see a movie, go for a dinner, beer with your friends. Extra is for gifts, essential stuff to buy and so on!

Tomorrow I will release the first (1/6) recipe for you guys! It’s going to be released of my Pintrest account! So I will post a link tomorrow! Keep your eyes open! Until then, have an amazing time! I´ll see you in next post!

I’ve found my way!

Starting this blog has been a lot of fun! But also a lot of work! Now after a few weeks I finally understand how it works. Basically I’ve been writing for an audience that is on a global scale and that’s wrong. Because that’s not what I want. I want to write to those who are interested in evolving into a better person! I want to write for those who are trying to find their place in the world! For those who know what they want from life but are figuring out their way to get there! And most important, for those who are interested in food! Like me! I know what I want, and I know how hard I have to work to get there! I know that all the blood, sweat and tears hasn’t been for nothing, all the injuries, cuts, loss of fingertips hasn’t been in vain!  Finally I see the path clearer than ever. I hope you all want to follow my  way and that we will help each other to break out and show the world what we are made of!

Every one of you out there, find your uniqueness and embrace it, use it and evolve it!

I’ve known since I was 7 years old that I wanted to be a chef. My father was a chef, and during my time growing up, that was when you started seeing chefs more and more on tv. And I was stuck.

I used to invite friends over just to cook for them haha, 7-year old, making spaghetti and sausages haha! It was fun, I was proud of myself! And now I work as a professional chef constantly trying to evolve and be better at it. If you want to play in the big leagues, this is what you have to do! “Fight till your idols are your rivals!” One of the best quotes I’ve ever heard and something I feel is very true for me! And this is exactly what I’m fighting for! For me and my future! I don’t want to be 60 and have regrets that I should’ve done anything differently. That is what drives me, keeps me going even though I’m so tired, broken or whatever. I can’t give up, I won’t give up, ever.

So keep following me here, keep fighting with me and don’t let anything stand in your way!
Thank you for reading! I’ll see you in next post!

I have a dream!

I do have a dream. But for that to happen I need to be known. Or to be more exact, I need people to know my name and what I do. My food. My way of thinking. And I know it sounds very shallow “know, famous, etc.”.. I know it does, but it is what I need to fulfil my dreams. And there are different kinds of famous. It’s not that I expect to become the next Marco Pierre White…

Do you know who Jiro Ono is? Of course you don’t, and that’s okay! He has one of the best sushi restaurants in the world. He is booked over a year in advance. Jiro is a 91-year-old man, who has a restaurant with 10 seats. Jiro started in a kitchen when he was 7. And is now the proud owner of Sukiyabashi Jiro! A 3 Michelin star awarded restaurant. HE IS 91 and is still working almost every day. That’s amazing. That’s what I want, that’s the kind of famous I want to be. I want people to know me for what I can do. But the problem is that I don’t even know what I can do right now. I can cook, I can cook really good food, and I have an eye for plating.

But every chef has to find his way. Like right now I enjoy cooking everything, but when it’s time for me to start my own business I can’t have a menu with a billion dishes just because I enjoy cooking everything. I need to find a path of what I want to do, the thing I do best. Well… I have a few years left to figure that out I guess. But I am very impatient. Ever since I was 16 and and still till this day I want to be older, wiser, better. Just jump 10 years ahead, that would be enough. But maybe that’s a good thing that I can’t, imagine all the things I would miss haha.

Here we are again, stuck in my mind, a spinning swirl of thoughts about everything, and it isn’t even noon yet..

Well people, now it’s time for breakfast and then I have to get ready for work! Woop woop! Next week I’m trying out some new dishes for the next menu! So don’t forget to check out the blog now and then! Thank you for your time.

By the way!  Check out these photogenic lobsters! 

I’ll see you in next post! // Your friendly neighbourhood Spider Man!

Hard work, broken feet!

Sigh..! *Deep Breath* *Breath out*

Okay. Now I’m ready to write! Hey you! It’s me your friendly neighbourhood Spider man! No it isn’t, but it’s your friendly neighbourhood sous chef! Especially if you live in Finsbury park in London! Because there is the amazing Montcalm Royal London House which is a 5-star hotel And on top of the hotel is the Aviary which is their amazing restaurant. Aviary is basically my new home. I think I spend more time there than I’m actually home during the weeks haha!

It might be one of the busiest places I’ve ever worked at. So much to learn everyday, so many new things, faces, places, names, rooms, dishes, floors and so on and on and on and on! I can tell you that I run more here than what I’ve ever done on a treadmill! My feet hurt so much haha!

Did you know that having a blog is also some kind of fulltime job? I didn’t know that! Here I thought that I was just going to write my thoughts feelings and emotions here! But NO! It’s so much more! And it is really hard to find a healthy balance between this and my new job, but let’s give it a week or two, to find it. I still enjoy it though! Just so you know. Sometimes I feel like I just want to write a post just to post something, but that’s also wrong, because why would you read if it’s something that you can’t feel anything from, why should you read my empty post that doesn’t mean anything! So I stop myself, take a deep breath and say to myself: Tomorrow, you can write something real tomorrow!, and that’s what I do! I wait. Last post was written by my fiancée because I was working a bunch of fifteen-hour shifts, and I was soooo tired, to tired to think, to tired to try. But she did a good job, didn’t she? I think it was a good post! About all these amazing places in London! I liked it at least!

I want to give you an update of my stocks! They went up for a while! I actually made money, but then today it all fell haha! Everything is minus now, you can’t always go up. Life is just like the stock market, some days it goes waywayway up! And some days it crashes, and everything went to shit. I know I have those days. Everyone has them. No one is happy all the time! If you are happy always, like all the time, everyday, how would you know? It would just be another day of your life, so guys and girls, appreciate your down days because they make you appreciate your happy days!

One thing I both love and hate is being alone with my thoughts, like right now in this moment, I’m thinking about how big the world is, and how much there is on this planet we will never experience because life is too short. We spend years in school and then we spend the rest of our lives at a job, mastering it trying to be the best at what we do and that’s what we focus on! That’s what I focus on. But there is so much out there that I want to learn, eat, see, feel. But I will never get the chance because the world is just too big to be managed in one lifetime.  Well well.. we can’t have everything, can we? We just have to try to fill the rest of our lives with what we want to do, if it’s travel, master a new skill, become a monk in the Himalaya mountains, whatever it is, set a goal and do it! Go for it! The only thing that can stop you is you. Not money, not responsibilities, because if you really want something, you do whatever to get there. Remember that people!

Here is some pictures from our new menu! Enjoy!

Thank you for reading, I’ll see you in next post! // B1

London’s little gems

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Happy days! 

It’s really crazy. I have insane problems with sleeping. Not falling asleep, but if I wake up to early or not sleep more than 5 hours I feel the same way I do when I’m hungover. It’s a really nasty feeling, especially when you are going to work. And I’m really lazy so I want to sleep as much as possible so I  get up an hour before I start work. But yeah, so today I feel sick and I have a 15 hour shift infront of me haha! Woohoo!


Anyway! Yesterday was my one year anniversary with my fiancèe! Not since we got engaged but since we started dating! And on that one year we have been through an insane amount of stuff! Like I’ve been competing in the Culinary world cup, where we placed second in the world!, I’ve been competing in Swedens chef of the year where I had to drop out because or personal problems! She started   university, we moved to London, I got my headchef job here and now I got an even better  one! I got published in ChariTables bookings cookbook as one if the top 365 chefs in London! Ah, busy year! But I like to keep busy! I’m 24! I have to work as much as humanly possible right now so I can reach my goals so I’m set for the rest if my life when I’m closing up on 50 y/o…

But back to my fiancèe, it is thanks to her I started looking for other jobs, and to get the opportunity I got now, that’s insane. I feel that, as long as I keep fighting, life keeps rewarding me. She is a really strong woman, not physically but mentally, taking care of both of us and is always there and is always spreading love and happiness! AND she is an amazing painter, I’ll show you some of her paintings in the future!
Yesterday, celebrating our anniversary, we started the day by going to Oxygen Freejump in London, an amazing place where walls and floor is covered in trampolines! Amazing!! That’s what I  want for my future house hah!
And then we went home, showered and changed, went to Icebar London which is located in Heddon Street, which is a very cozy small street! Inside the entrance to icebar there is a small cozy lounge where you can take a drink and relax before dinner, then a hostess comes up, and takes you down to this amazingly cozy restaurant with the most perfect atmosphere, cozy fireplace on the walls, walls dressed in old wood boards and bricks. There we had a beautiful 3 course dinner with their rich in flavour, beautiful cocktails! And after that when you’ve paid, another host follows you to another place where you get a wool poncho and enter a door that closes behind you, and then another one in front of you opens and all you see is ICE! WALLS OF ICE, BAR OF ICE, SCULPTURE OF ICE! THE PEOPLE ARE ICE BECAUSE IT’S SOOO COLD!  But please promise me to go there asap even if it’s just for the bar! It was a really cool experience! And when you step outside you actually have a Gordon Ramsay restaurant right outside!  Well well! That’s all for today!

20170713_200831 (1)

Thank you for reading! I’ll see you in next post!!  B1

The right choice!

So 2 days ago i started my new job! I’m officially Aviary Rooftop Restaurants new sous chef with a mission to change their food to the better! Working as a chef in Sweden and England it sooooooo different. They have so many positions here and the same goes for sections like: Raw, cold, hot, garnish, greens, prep, pastry and so on, and so on.. In Sweden you work every section, like my old job we were only 2 chefs who did everything! And now we are between 4 and 5 chefs in the kitchen!  Well well.. I’ll learn!

Anyway! It was really fun, meeting my new staff, seeing my new kitchen(s), (there is 3 different kitchens in the hotel).  And I’m really excited to start making changes for the better! This is really gonna be an incredible experiance for me and a boost or my career, and i can’t wait to start cooking some incredible food! Pictures will come ASAP! But for now, here is one I took yesterday! 

The food here is really fresh and 99% of the stuff we make by our selves, hopefully it will become 100% when I’m done!

I’m really glad that im able to share this with you, and that i know that you are reading this really makes me happy! This blog started of as a project a week ago, to try to see if it was something i wanted to do, and because of you readers out there, it now means a lot to me, to write down whatever here, feelings, thoughts, and stories.  So the thing I’m making for you guys as a gift is a small cookbook with some of my own recepies! It’s gonna take a few weeks to make but as soon as it’s done i will sure to share it! I hope you will enjoy it!

Now I’m going to dinner with my beautiful fiancée! Today we have been together for a year and we have already been through so much! Got enganged, moved to London, new jobs and so much more! I will tell you more about this in next post. Till then, have an amazing day!

I’ll see you in next post! //B1

Just because I’m a chef, I do not know what to eat for dinner!!

I want to start off by saying, yes I went to the gym between the last post and this one! It was super nice! It felt incredibly good! I don’t understand why it’s so hard to go to the gym, because when you are there, it’s the best feeling in the world!

Yes I’m a chef, but that doesn’t mean I know what to eat for dinner every day. Trust me, it’s hard for me too! Of course I have ideas of what I want to create, but since both me, and my fiancées life is quite busy so we don’t really have time to prep dinner for 2 hours. So it usually ends up being something simple. Like today! I made a minced meat stew, tomatoes, mustard, cheese and broccoli! It was really boring to look at but it tasted good haha! And it’s good work out food! See for yourself!


Remember growing up and your mother always said – “Don’t play with your food!!”- Well, mom was wrong! Playing with food is what got me interested in food, the colours, textures, flavours, hot and cold! I promise you, there is no end to what you can do with food!  Haven’t you seen the guy who invented the edible balloon? Check here! –> Edible sugar balloon! At around 1:40!   Of course sadly I’m not there yet, I need a few more years of experiance!  I want to show you some pictures of food that i´ve made! And make sure to leave a comment if you like it!

Thank you for reading! I’ll see you in next post! //B1

Family – A word with several meanings.

I googled the word “Family” because i wanted to know what it truly means, and i realised that it means so much more than what anyone can explain. Family is more than blood, more than siblings, parents, cousins, aunts and grandparents. I have family members i do not consider family, and i have friends i consider my brothers. Friends i could risk my life for, and family i wouldn’t piss on fire to put it out. That is the truth.

I want to congratulate my cousin and his girlfriend for their second child coming! They are amazing, loving and caring. A child could not ask for a better family! And i know that their kids will grow up being amazing persons as their parents are! And me, their uncle ,(Yes i consider my cousin as my brother because we grew up as brothers and we care for eachother as brothers!) I’m the luckiest guy in the world being able to see these tiny humans grow up to amazing people.

And then i also want to congratulate my best friend since 22 years back. He is also one of these persons i was talking about when i said that i have friends that i consider my family, my brother. The reason why i want to congratulate him is because he and his fiancee are having their first baby. And i know that this baby will never miss anything in life because my friend works harder than anyone, even though i do not accept how he does it, i’ve ever met to get what he wants from life!

My father died when my siblings were very young.. and he lived a very unhealthy life which in the end cost him his life. And to be honest i’m afraid to end up the same. I truly am. Thats why I made this blog. To motivate me, you and everyone to try to live a better life, because I don’t want to miss these tiny people grow up. I want to be a part of their lives! I will be a part of their life! So that’s why, when I’m done with this post i will get dressed, pack my bag and head to the gym and work my way to a healthier life!

Take a minute to watch this video for life motivation!


Thank you for reading! I’ll see you in next post!

It’s about to go down!

Yesterday was the last day at my old work, feels insanely good to be away from there. Working with bad people can really bring you down, and so today i’m free and tomorrow i start my new job! I wont tell you where yet. But i will soon enough. It’s an amazing place where you work with people who has some respect for other people.

This new job is going to help me evolve as a chef. And i’m second in command as their new sous chef at a rooftop restaurant in central London! It’s going to be really amazing!

As always when I start a new job i’m nervous, because i don’t know the place, the people, their style, but im a quick learner! And I have so much love for food, so hopefully i’ll be okay!

Today i’m actually going to show you one of my latest creations! It’s a rawbeef tartar with broccolini, brown butter baked onions, hoisin/wasabi tapioka, juniper berry/lemon mayo with rice crisps!Råbiff

Hopefully in a near future i’ll post more about food, like videos and recepies. So keep you eyes open!

I want to say thank you to all of you readers out there, in all the different countries on all the different continents. Thank you for helping me make this blog work, making me have motivation to write! This really is all because of you!

So i have a suprise for you that will be revealed shortly!

Thank you for reading! I’ll see you in next post! //B1