Time to listen up.

So right now im sitting in a local coffee shop in London writing this first post and starting a new chapter of my life. And just to be clear from the beginning, this isn’t a blog about today’s outfit or which shoes i wanna get from the mall. This is a blog how we, B1 and B2, are gonna change our life for the better and how far we are willing to push ourselves to do it.

We have a goal in life, and that goal is to make life better. To be able to wake up one day and realise that – “i made it, my life is better, richer – and not only richer as in wealth but also health”.

And during this time we will always  be sharing everything that might help you in life. Because maybe you’re like us, a middle class person just trying to climb the ladder of life, because you’ve seen how it is up there, all these people that are living well. And occasionally you’ve tasted the good life and now you want it permanently. Well follow us here and together we will find the way to success. But i promise you, it wont be easy and it wont go fast. So patience people and listen carefully.//B1pic


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