Wow! 150 views on our first post!

150 views! What a number.. Thats about 149 more than we thought haha! This got me so much more motivated, so thank you. Thank you all who is reading this, it means the world to us. It helps us to keep our focus and motivated to write more!

So in this post i want to tell you more about this ladder i was talking about before. I was at the gym earlier today and i saw something, something that i could associate to this fictional ladder. So this picture of the different weights also shows how the ladder works. It can start of easy and then the next step can become significantly harder, and getting through this hard part can take time, the same as working out – start of slowly, and aim for a goal. But never underestimate your obstacles, embrace them instead, learn from them and then pass on what you have learned to someone else that might need help – because helping another person is also a way to climb your ladder, so remember that you are never alone, and you will always need people in your life. Humans aren’t designed to be alone.vikt

I wanna tell you a little bit about my ladder.  You already know that i wanna be healthy and wealthy haha.. but right now im neither. I’m a 24 y/o guy living with my fiancée in London working as a headchef in a restaurant. I come from a very small town in Sweden with about 20k inhabitants where i lived with my big family (mother and 5 siblings). I never tried to achieve anything in life before highschool and the only thing i’ve always been sure of is that i wanna be a chef. So I was only living in the present and I was happy, but when i entered highschool (cooking school) I understood how hard the competition will be, and entering this line of work i would have to work harder than ever to be able to become something and someone. So thats what i did, i fought, and cried, and bled, sweating, working 17-20 hour shifts day in and day out, and was treated like a dog. But all that… all those horrible moment led me here. I’m 24, i am the boss of a restaurant in London and getting different offers every day in: Stockholm, Dubai, London, and now i found a new job that will raise me up one bar on my ladder, a place where i can develop my career and cook even more amazing food!

If any of you would like to share your own story, please do so, so i can read and be even more motivated, because each one of us is living a unique and inspiring life. And if there is any question please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you for reading, i’ll see you in next post!//B1

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