If i can have a few minutes of your time?

So.. I’m back at the local coffee shop and looking at my fiancee work. She inspires me.. She really does. She is always there for me and pushes me to do better because she knows that I have it inside of me, to wanna do better, work harder, become stronger – both mentally and physically.

I often look for things to motivate me and my blogpartner showed me this movie -Generation Iron- Im sure you’ve heard of it. And in this documentary you can follow this amazing person, Kai Greene, who is this amazing body builder. But he is also so much more, he is a motivation coach for everyone around the world and for me, he makes me do those 10 last push-ups, 10 last sit-ups, that last set of squats. And the other day i saw this video of a speech he held when he won the Arnold Classics and i really wanna share it with you all, so please take a few minutes to watch it. And remember, -Be the best version of you-.

Just klick the link and enjoy, thanks.//B1

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