Mother, oh mother.

So i wanna tell you about the person that helped me become the person i am today, – MY MOTHER-. What a woman, she is 156 cm short, super small and still the strongest woman i know.  My mother came to Sweden when she was 6 years old because my grandparents died. My mother has 19 siblings and she is the youngest one. Growing up in poor Portugal she had to beg for money on the streets with the other siblings, and today she is is a mother of 6 and living a good life in Sweden.  My siblings are from the age of 16 and down to 10. And 9 years ago my father passed, leaving my mother alone with a houseloan. 6 kids to raise, take care of the house and work and worst of all – grieve. My mother had no job, no income, because my father wanted my mother to stay home and take care of the family. So due to the lack of money our landlord kicked us out of the house and we had nowhere to go. My mother asked the mayor’s office for help but they declined time after time. But she refused to give up, she contacted TV and the Newspapers to help her, and 2 days before we had to leave the house, the mayor’s office gave us a small 2 bedroom apartment for a family of 7… well, atleast we had somewhere to live, right?…

After a while my mother finally also got a job after 8 years of unemployed,  and could finally pay of all her loans. It took her 5 years to finally be free of depts and now she lives in a big house and has a good life, still fighting to make life better for her and her kids.

Everytime i have problems, setbacks or whatever i just think about this story and realise that if my mother could carry 6 kids on her shoulders from the depths of hell, then i can overcome my small obstacles. Take this story, read it, share it and understand that if you fight hard enough, you can overcome anything that the universe throws at you.

So.. before i say goodbye i have to tell you this, I just googled to find a good quote to finish this post with and i found one that i really liked haha.

-Sometimes i feel like giving up, but then i remember that i have a lot of Mo***rfu***rs to prove wrong!-

Thank you for reading, ill see you in the next post!//B1

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