Family – A word with several meanings.

I googled the word “Family” because i wanted to know what it truly means, and i realised that it means so much more than what anyone can explain. Family is more than blood, more than siblings, parents, cousins, aunts and grandparents. I have family members i do not consider family, and i have friends i consider my brothers. Friends i could risk my life for, and family i wouldn’t piss on fire to put it out. That is the truth.

I want to congratulate my cousin and his girlfriend for their second child coming! They are amazing, loving and caring. A child could not ask for a better family! And i know that their kids will grow up being amazing persons as their parents are! And me, their uncle ,(Yes i consider my cousin as my brother because we grew up as brothers and we care for eachother as brothers!) I’m the luckiest guy in the world being able to see these tiny humans grow up to amazing people.

And then i also want to congratulate my best friend since 22 years back. He is also one of these persons i was talking about when i said that i have friends that i consider my family, my brother. The reason why i want to congratulate him is because he and his fiancee are having their first baby. And i know that this baby will never miss anything in life because my friend works harder than anyone, even though i do not accept how he does it, i’ve ever met to get what he wants from life!

My father died when my siblings were very young.. and he lived a very unhealthy life which in the end cost him his life. And to be honest i’m afraid to end up the same. I truly am. Thats why I made this blog. To motivate me, you and everyone to try to live a better life, because I don’t want to miss these tiny people grow up. I want to be a part of their lives! I will be a part of their life! So that’s why, when I’m done with this post i will get dressed, pack my bag and head to the gym and work my way to a healthier life!

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Thank you for reading! I’ll see you in next post!

7 thoughts on “Family – A word with several meanings.

  1. Family isn’t just about blood…it’s about people who you know you can trust, who will be there for you no matter what. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is really regrettable how some families become so dysfunctional, due to a number of reasons, some of which were beyond anyone’s control. We know we can’t change the past but we do have control of how we survive in the future, whether this is with the support of family or friends. We all have something to offer and it is really fabulous when we realize that and decide to make the most out of our time on earth. Great post in the way you share what is important to you and your plans for the future. All the best.

    1. Thank you! And you are right. Sometimes we can’t control it. And sometimes we just have to let go of the urge to control. Thank you for showing interest in my blog!

      I’ll make sure to check out yours!

  3. So true. Totally agree with you when you say when some family cant be considered family, but some friends are so much like family!

    1. Thats sadly just the way it is. During life we will meet people that will mean so much to you and will always be there for you.!

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