Just because I’m a chef, I do not know what to eat for dinner!!

I want to start off by saying, yes I went to the gym between the last post and this one! It was super nice! It felt incredibly good! I don’t understand why it’s so hard to go to the gym, because when you are there, it’s the best feeling in the world!

Yes I’m a chef, but that doesn’t mean I know what to eat for dinner every day. Trust me, it’s hard for me too! Of course I have ideas of what I want to create, but since both me, and my fiancées life is quite busy so we don’t really have time to prep dinner for 2 hours. So it usually ends up being something simple. Like today! I made a minced meat stew, tomatoes, mustard, cheese and broccoli! It was really boring to look at but it tasted good haha! And it’s good work out food! See for yourself!


Remember growing up and your mother always said – “Don’t play with your food!!”- Well, mom was wrong! Playing with food is what got me interested in food, the colours, textures, flavours, hot and cold! I promise you, there is no end to what you can do with food!  Haven’t you seen the guy who invented the edible balloon? Check here! –> Edible sugar balloon! At around 1:40!   Of course sadly I’m not there yet, I need a few more years of experiance!  I want to show you some pictures of food that i´ve made! And make sure to leave a comment if you like it!

Thank you for reading! I’ll see you in next post! //B1

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