Vacation days. Not a second wasted.


I’m back, in nice, sweet, lovable, cozy, pine smelling Sweden. Only for a week though, but still. It doesn’t matter how long i’ve been away from home, it will always feel like home, it will always be familiar. I’ve only been here for 24 hours and I’m starting to realise how much you take home for granted while living here. Not just home, but your family, this feeling of being safe and secure. My little brother gave me his room to sleep in and he took the spare bed, how sweet isn’t that? Families are amazing, take care of them and always make sure that they know that you love them.


Moving on!


Before I went on vacation I started making a pancetta and  lardo, just waiting for me in London. Then they need to hang for about 2 months, so if they turn out good i will give you the recipe! And also we’ve tried a few dishes for the new menu, it’s turning out to be a really good one! Ahh i cannot wait to try it and show and share it with you guys! We also made cured egg yolks! May sound disgusting, but i promise you, it tastes very good and can be used for a lot of things! It can be grated on pasta dishes, or be used to make a really creamy mayonnaise.

The bread and butter on our a la carte menu is amazing. Our head pastry chef Curtis (@tattooedpastrychef on instagram) makes the most amazing bread which he bakes every single day, and with that I make different kind of butters to accompany the bread. It’s important to let your creative side work its’ magic, even if it’s just something as simple as butter. Don’t hold yourself back, always push yourself to the next level!

Here is this week’s butter at work! Sweet and sour lemon with leek ash.


Today I met an old friend, and we talked about all the shit we’ve been through, from where we started till where we are today. The journey has been an hard and awful one, but it has still been worth it.  Of course we all have baggage that we bring with us forever, it’s nothing we can do about it except accept all the shit we’ve done!


One of my favourite worst experience, work related, was one day when my head chefs asked me if I wanted to come in sunday evening and clean down the kitchen instead of cooking, and stupid as i was, I said yes. So i started cleaning the back room where we had all the fridges, around 6 p.m. Empty all the walk in fridges, hose them down, scrub, polish, and put everything back in a good order. The same with the bakery, prep room, smoke and charkuteri room, dry storage and last but not least, the service kitchen. I was done 4.30 in the morning, there was no taxis, no buses, windy and cold and i had to walk home. It took me about 1,5 hours, and I was so f*cking angry and when I got home I had 1 hour to sleep before I had to get back to work for the next day! I’m writing this because now I know that you are reading this Sven..

Today I got new tattoos from my good friend! l’ll show them all in next post! I do not know why, but i really like the pain while being tattooed.. haha weird.. What do you guys feel about tattoos? If you don’t have one, would you ever do it?  I love the art on my skin and I’m proud of it! It shows a piece of my history, like a book and my body is the illustrations, showing my story.


I would like to write an actual book, about me, my path, from start till now, and for every chapter, have a recipe or a dish that represent of what I did back then. That would be cool.  And people could follow you in a completely new way. And as you read the book, the dishes becomes more and more complicated and you who is reading could evolve as well at home, trying these new dishes as we go along the story. What do you think? Wouldn’t that be a cool idea? If you have any other ideas or tips about book writing, please make sure to share them!

Thank you for reading! I’ll see you in next post!

Everything is constantly evolving.

Heyhey! Welcome back to another post! 

I want to start by telling you all that I am sick. I have the man cold! You know, the worst kind of cold there is, the cold that makes the most manliest man be as vulnerable as a baby. But don’t worry! I’m okay! 

Today I want to talk about how far the world of food has grown. It’s amazing, just a few years ago we only made boiled potato for dinner, today we have foams, crisps, skins, layered potato,  spiraled, potato muffins, and so on and on and on. Its constantly evolving, the world of food. And I can admit that it’s hard to follow everything that is going on. And to invent something new, that’s an almost impossible task! But we have to try, mostly because we like to stimulate our minds with creativity. And maybe, just maybe, someday I will invent something new. I’ll never give up!

But yeah, think, just 10 years ago, the neighborhood restaurants where the places you and your family went on weekends to have a nice dinner, and you ordered your steak with fries or mash and béarnaise sauce. We all have happy memories from those places. Today those places count as “bad places” or like you go there and order something to eat at home, it’s no longer worth to go there with the family on weekends because the food is not exciting, it’s not new, it’s not fancy, not anymore. And sadly, I agree. I wouldn’t go there anymore, maybe to eat a steak or a burger to cure a hangover, but I would never go there on a date, or with the family. But at least we will have the memories. Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art. It’s actually quite sad how they (read we) define restaurant nowadays. Wellwell.. the world Is an everchanging place. And it’s up to us if we want to adjust to this big bold world or not.

Creating a dish, or a menu is like telling a tale. A story of our journey of the years that we have been working in the kitchens. You can almost see where a person Is coming from by reading a menu or a dish. But most of all, by reading a menu, you can often feel if there is passion behind the dishes, and if there is love and handcraft behind all the dishes. If you read a menu and it sounds boring and plane, then there is a big chance that the dishes tastes and looks the same. 
Speaking of where people are from, I’m going on vacation soon, a week back home to my little village in Sweden. To spend time with friends and family. You really appreciate the value of family when you haven’t seen them for a long time. Last time I was home I got shocked to see how big my siblings are. The 3 oldest once are almost taller than me now, which is quite scary, because I’ve always been bigger than them.. and now they are catching up!!! 

My little brother is starting high school today! So congrats to him! Little brother is growing up, studying to become a chef!  In 3 years he will be a schooled chef, ready for the world and all that comes with it!

It’s almost new menu time for Aviary, so if you live in London or maybe just visiting, don’t forget to come by and eat! I’m going to release another recipe soon, so don’t forget to save it because like the last one it will just be available for a few days!!

Thank you all for reading don’t forget to visit my Instagram Eatgoodordietrying! I’ll see you in next post! 

I did it my way!

These past days has been very hard. Both mentally and physically challenging. But one thing that has helped me incredibly much is the song: My way – Frank Sinatra.  It’s about living the life you want. So when you start looking back at life, you won’t have any regrets. Music can make change your mood from sad to happy in a blink of an eye. Always have a happy list on your YouTube account  or Spotify  account to make you happy if you ever feel sad!

My way, my choice. That is how I want to live my life. I want to look back and think ” I did all that. I DID. This little boy coming from nowhere is now standing on the shoulders of the world!”. Okay.. Maybe a little bit overkill, but you know what I mean.

The good thing of being a chef is that there is always a need of a chef, everywhere in the world. And even better. Being a chef from Scandinavia. Scandinavian restaurants and food is popular all over the world right now. The age of the vikings are back. But in a less brutal and more delicate fine dining way.

I  think the things I miss most from home is nature and silence. London is so loud and filled with grey buildings. Coming from a small village you learn to know all the people and everything about them. But here in London, the streets are always filled with new people. It’s crazy how insignificant you can feel in a city like this. We all have put our own mark on this world in our own way, it’s up to us to decide how big  that mark is

Remember when  you were young and still in school? And every time you had a test or some  other challenging thing in school you always wished to be an adult, because being an adult was so much easier than being a kid. We all thought that, until we grew up. Kids today is going to have more regrets than I have right now, having to spend most of their childhood inside looking at some screen. I like being an adult to by the way, I get to work with what I love, right? Not everyone can say that! I’m truly happy for being where I am today!

Be happy, stay happy, do what makes you happy! If something in your life drags you down, making you unhappy and sad, either change it or remove it from your life. Life is to short for not being happy!

Thank you all for reading! I’ll see you in next post! Xoxo  Gossip girl. 

What do you want from life?

One of my biggest dreams is to own a restaurant. But more so, to own a restaurant with my sibling. I have a little brother that is going to cooking school, starting this month, and next year I have a brother starting bakery school and I can’t wait until they are done so I can start training them, evolving their skills so that they are ready the day I buy my own restaurant. Imagine that, starting a family business. How amazing wouldn’t that be?

I very recently gained a new friend. Learning to know this guy is like looking myself in the mirror and see my own soul, hearing my own dream about having my own restaurant, reaching for the same goal to be the very best at what I do, and his first destination is to become the best pizza chef in the world. Now he is only 17 years old, but listening to him speak about his passions and how much he wants this more than ever, lights a fire inside of me, it makes me want to fight harder and reach further. He reminds me of me, knowing how much he is willing to work and sacrifice to do this. I promise you, becoming a chef requires a special mind, a special strength, and be willing to work under the worst circumstances sometimes. Long days, long nights, no weekends. I haven’t seen some of my friends in months hahaha.

One thing I dislike is how fast food restaurants has destroyed amazing dishes as burgers, pizzas, Asian cuisine. It’s terrible, centuries of generations that has worked to bring this food to us, and we dare to ruin it with pizza hut, McDonald’s, Burger king, Chop Chop. Seriously people, what are we doing. All this fast food places. That’s why I’ve decided that when my friend comes of age, I will do everything in my power for him to succeed with his restaurant, to bring back the love and handcraft in this amazing dish. You may think it sounds ridiculous “It’s just a burger” or “it’s just a pizza” but remember that these foods didn’t invent themselves and should be appreciated just as much as the finest Beef Wellington. Because someone took the time to invent the burger and the pizza, and now places like what I mentioned before, like McDonald’s and so on are just ruining their memories, and all for a quick buck. That’s not right.

Be careful with what you eat. We only have one life, why not enjoy it in the right way? Instead of going with your friends to a fast food restaurant, save some money, plan instead and go to a real restaurant and eat some real food. You will feel better and have so much more fun, and enjoy it so much more.

The recipe I posted got so much happy response so that’s something I’m going to continue with! And I really hope you will continue to appreciate it! And if there is something you wish to learn or want to see, please do not be afraid to ask! I would be thrilled to help or write some recipes for you!

I have to show you something, a really cool thing I did the other day! Check the picture underneath! IS THIS NOT THE COOLEST THING EVER!! First time I made it and it was a success!  I’m so happy! Do not forget to follow me on Instagram @eatgoodordietrying for more cool pictures! I have another recipe I want to share with you at the next blogpost! STAY TUNED!


See you in next post! Byeeeeeeeeee!