I did it my way!

These past days has been very hard. Both mentally and physically challenging. But one thing that has helped me incredibly much is the song: My way – Frank Sinatra.  It’s about living the life you want. So when you start looking back at life, you won’t have any regrets. Music can make change your mood from sad to happy in a blink of an eye. Always have a happy list on your YouTube account  or Spotify  account to make you happy if you ever feel sad!

My way, my choice. That is how I want to live my life. I want to look back and think ” I did all that. I DID. This little boy coming from nowhere is now standing on the shoulders of the world!”. Okay.. Maybe a little bit overkill, but you know what I mean.

The good thing of being a chef is that there is always a need of a chef, everywhere in the world. And even better. Being a chef from Scandinavia. Scandinavian restaurants and food is popular all over the world right now. The age of the vikings are back. But in a less brutal and more delicate fine dining way.

I  think the things I miss most from home is nature and silence. London is so loud and filled with grey buildings. Coming from a small village you learn to know all the people and everything about them. But here in London, the streets are always filled with new people. It’s crazy how insignificant you can feel in a city like this. We all have put our own mark on this world in our own way, it’s up to us to decide how big  that mark is

Remember when  you were young and still in school? And every time you had a test or some  other challenging thing in school you always wished to be an adult, because being an adult was so much easier than being a kid. We all thought that, until we grew up. Kids today is going to have more regrets than I have right now, having to spend most of their childhood inside looking at some screen. I like being an adult to by the way, I get to work with what I love, right? Not everyone can say that! I’m truly happy for being where I am today!

Be happy, stay happy, do what makes you happy! If something in your life drags you down, making you unhappy and sad, either change it or remove it from your life. Life is to short for not being happy!

Thank you all for reading! I’ll see you in next post! Xoxo  Gossip girl. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I specifically liked the part about significance and creating a legacy. At the end of it all, the world becomes a beautiful myriad of intertwined stories and connections.

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