Everything is constantly evolving.

Heyhey! Welcome back to another post! 

I want to start by telling you all that I am sick. I have the man cold! You know, the worst kind of cold there is, the cold that makes the most manliest man be as vulnerable as a baby. But don’t worry! I’m okay! 

Today I want to talk about how far the world of food has grown. It’s amazing, just a few years ago we only made boiled potato for dinner, today we have foams, crisps, skins, layered potato,  spiraled, potato muffins, and so on and on and on. Its constantly evolving, the world of food. And I can admit that it’s hard to follow everything that is going on. And to invent something new, that’s an almost impossible task! But we have to try, mostly because we like to stimulate our minds with creativity. And maybe, just maybe, someday I will invent something new. I’ll never give up!

But yeah, think, just 10 years ago, the neighborhood restaurants where the places you and your family went on weekends to have a nice dinner, and you ordered your steak with fries or mash and béarnaise sauce. We all have happy memories from those places. Today those places count as “bad places” or like you go there and order something to eat at home, it’s no longer worth to go there with the family on weekends because the food is not exciting, it’s not new, it’s not fancy, not anymore. And sadly, I agree. I wouldn’t go there anymore, maybe to eat a steak or a burger to cure a hangover, but I would never go there on a date, or with the family. But at least we will have the memories. Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art. It’s actually quite sad how they (read we) define restaurant nowadays. Wellwell.. the world Is an everchanging place. And it’s up to us if we want to adjust to this big bold world or not.

Creating a dish, or a menu is like telling a tale. A story of our journey of the years that we have been working in the kitchens. You can almost see where a person Is coming from by reading a menu or a dish. But most of all, by reading a menu, you can often feel if there is passion behind the dishes, and if there is love and handcraft behind all the dishes. If you read a menu and it sounds boring and plane, then there is a big chance that the dishes tastes and looks the same. 
Speaking of where people are from, I’m going on vacation soon, a week back home to my little village in Sweden. To spend time with friends and family. You really appreciate the value of family when you haven’t seen them for a long time. Last time I was home I got shocked to see how big my siblings are. The 3 oldest once are almost taller than me now, which is quite scary, because I’ve always been bigger than them.. and now they are catching up!!! 

My little brother is starting high school today! So congrats to him! Little brother is growing up, studying to become a chef!  In 3 years he will be a schooled chef, ready for the world and all that comes with it!

It’s almost new menu time for Aviary, so if you live in London or maybe just visiting, don’t forget to come by and eat! I’m going to release another recipe soon, so don’t forget to save it because like the last one it will just be available for a few days!!

Thank you all for reading don’t forget to visit my Instagram Eatgoodordietrying! I’ll see you in next post! 

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  1. This is a great perspective on changing culture of eating out! It’s so different now compared to when I was a child. We rarely ate out and now we eat out maybe once a week as a family. My children love good food and appreciate the work that goes into the dishes.

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