London’s little gems

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Happy days! 

It’s really crazy. I have insane problems with sleeping. Not falling asleep, but if I wake up to early or not sleep more than 5 hours I feel the same way I do when I’m hungover. It’s a really nasty feeling, especially when you are going to work. And I’m really lazy so I want to sleep as much as possible so I  get up an hour before I start work. But yeah, so today I feel sick and I have a 15 hour shift infront of me haha! Woohoo!


Anyway! Yesterday was my one year anniversary with my fiancèe! Not since we got engaged but since we started dating! And on that one year we have been through an insane amount of stuff! Like I’ve been competing in the Culinary world cup, where we placed second in the world!, I’ve been competing in Swedens chef of the year where I had to drop out because or personal problems! She started   university, we moved to London, I got my headchef job here and now I got an even better  one! I got published in ChariTables bookings cookbook as one if the top 365 chefs in London! Ah, busy year! But I like to keep busy! I’m 24! I have to work as much as humanly possible right now so I can reach my goals so I’m set for the rest if my life when I’m closing up on 50 y/o…

But back to my fiancèe, it is thanks to her I started looking for other jobs, and to get the opportunity I got now, that’s insane. I feel that, as long as I keep fighting, life keeps rewarding me. She is a really strong woman, not physically but mentally, taking care of both of us and is always there and is always spreading love and happiness! AND she is an amazing painter, I’ll show you some of her paintings in the future!
Yesterday, celebrating our anniversary, we started the day by going to Oxygen Freejump in London, an amazing place where walls and floor is covered in trampolines! Amazing!! That’s what I  want for my future house hah!
And then we went home, showered and changed, went to Icebar London which is located in Heddon Street, which is a very cozy small street! Inside the entrance to icebar there is a small cozy lounge where you can take a drink and relax before dinner, then a hostess comes up, and takes you down to this amazingly cozy restaurant with the most perfect atmosphere, cozy fireplace on the walls, walls dressed in old wood boards and bricks. There we had a beautiful 3 course dinner with their rich in flavour, beautiful cocktails! And after that when you’ve paid, another host follows you to another place where you get a wool poncho and enter a door that closes behind you, and then another one in front of you opens and all you see is ICE! WALLS OF ICE, BAR OF ICE, SCULPTURE OF ICE! THE PEOPLE ARE ICE BECAUSE IT’S SOOO COLD!  But please promise me to go there asap even if it’s just for the bar! It was a really cool experience! And when you step outside you actually have a Gordon Ramsay restaurant right outside!  Well well! That’s all for today!

20170713_200831 (1)

Thank you for reading! I’ll see you in next post!!  B1

The right choice!

So 2 days ago i started my new job! I’m officially Aviary Rooftop Restaurants new sous chef with a mission to change their food to the better! Working as a chef in Sweden and England it sooooooo different. They have so many positions here and the same goes for sections like: Raw, cold, hot, garnish, greens, prep, pastry and so on, and so on.. In Sweden you work every section, like my old job we were only 2 chefs who did everything! And now we are between 4 and 5 chefs in the kitchen!  Well well.. I’ll learn!

Anyway! It was really fun, meeting my new staff, seeing my new kitchen(s), (there is 3 different kitchens in the hotel).  And I’m really excited to start making changes for the better! This is really gonna be an incredible experiance for me and a boost or my career, and i can’t wait to start cooking some incredible food! Pictures will come ASAP! But for now, here is one I took yesterday! 

The food here is really fresh and 99% of the stuff we make by our selves, hopefully it will become 100% when I’m done!

I’m really glad that im able to share this with you, and that i know that you are reading this really makes me happy! This blog started of as a project a week ago, to try to see if it was something i wanted to do, and because of you readers out there, it now means a lot to me, to write down whatever here, feelings, thoughts, and stories.  So the thing I’m making for you guys as a gift is a small cookbook with some of my own recepies! It’s gonna take a few weeks to make but as soon as it’s done i will sure to share it! I hope you will enjoy it!

Now I’m going to dinner with my beautiful fiancĂ©e! Today we have been together for a year and we have already been through so much! Got enganged, moved to London, new jobs and so much more! I will tell you more about this in next post. Till then, have an amazing day!

I’ll see you in next post! //B1

Just because I’m a chef, I do not know what to eat for dinner!!

I want to start off by saying, yes I went to the gym between the last post and this one! It was super nice! It felt incredibly good! I don’t understand why it’s so hard to go to the gym, because when you are there, it’s the best feeling in the world!

Yes I’m a chef, but that doesn’t mean I know what to eat for dinner every day. Trust me, it’s hard for me too! Of course I have ideas of what I want to create, but since both me, and my fiancĂ©es life is quite busy so we don’t really have time to prep dinner for 2 hours. So it usually ends up being something simple. Like today! I made a minced meat stew, tomatoes, mustard, cheese and broccoli! It was really boring to look at but it tasted good haha! And it’s good work out food! See for yourself!


Remember growing up and your mother always said – “Don’t play with your food!!”- Well, mom was wrong! Playing with food is what got me interested in food, the colours, textures, flavours, hot and cold! I promise you, there is no end to what you can do with food!  Haven’t you seen the guy who invented the edible balloon? Check here! –> Edible sugar balloon! At around 1:40!   Of course sadly I’m not there yet, I need a few more years of experiance!  I want to show you some pictures of food that i´ve made! And make sure to leave a comment if you like it!

Thank you for reading! I’ll see you in next post! //B1

Family – A word with several meanings.

I googled the word “Family” because i wanted to know what it truly means, and i realised that it means so much more than what anyone can explain. Family is more than blood, more than siblings, parents, cousins, aunts and grandparents. I have family members i do not consider family, and i have friends i consider my brothers. Friends i could risk my life for, and family i wouldn’t piss on fire to put it out. That is the truth.

I want to congratulate my cousin and his girlfriend for their second child coming! They are amazing, loving and caring. A child could not ask for a better family! And i know that their kids will grow up being amazing persons as their parents are! And me, their uncle ,(Yes i consider my cousin as my brother because we grew up as brothers and we care for eachother as brothers!) I’m the luckiest guy in the world being able to see these tiny humans grow up to amazing people.

And then i also want to congratulate my best friend since 22 years back. He is also one of these persons i was talking about when i said that i have friends that i consider my family, my brother. The reason why i want to congratulate him is because he and his fiancee are having their first baby. And i know that this baby will never miss anything in life because my friend works harder than anyone, even though i do not accept how he does it, i’ve ever met to get what he wants from life!

My father died when my siblings were very young.. and he lived a very unhealthy life which in the end cost him his life. And to be honest i’m afraid to end up the same. I truly am. Thats why I made this blog. To motivate me, you and everyone to try to live a better life, because I don’t want to miss these tiny people grow up. I want to be a part of their lives! I will be a part of their life! So that’s why, when I’m done with this post i will get dressed, pack my bag and head to the gym and work my way to a healthier life!

Take a minute to watch this video for life motivation!


Thank you for reading! I’ll see you in next post!

It’s about to go down!

Yesterday was the last day at my old work, feels insanely good to be away from there. Working with bad people can really bring you down, and so today i’m free and tomorrow i start my new job! I wont tell you where yet. But i will soon enough. It’s an amazing place where you work with people who has some respect for other people.

This new job is going to help me evolve as a chef. And i’m second in command as their new sous chef at a rooftop restaurant in central London! It’s going to be really amazing!

As always when I start a new job i’m nervous, because i don’t know the place, the people, their style, but im a quick learner! And I have so much love for food, so hopefully i’ll be okay!

Today i’m actually going to show you one of my latest creations! It’s a rawbeef tartar with broccolini, brown butter baked onions, hoisin/wasabi tapioka, juniper berry/lemon mayo with rice crisps!RĂĄbiff

Hopefully in a near future i’ll post more about food, like videos and recepies. So keep you eyes open!

I want to say thank you to all of you readers out there, in all the different countries on all the different continents. Thank you for helping me make this blog work, making me have motivation to write! This really is all because of you!

So i have a suprise for you that will be revealed shortly!

Thank you for reading! I’ll see you in next post! //B1

Lessons of life!

Welcome back! 

Today I have a story for you guys, a thing that happened a few years ago. Remember I told you that I’ve worked insanely hard to get where I am today and it was a really rough road to get here.

It all started when I worked in this huge hotel in Sweden called Scandic and I was Sous chef and I was in control of staff and food coming out of 3 different kitchens on 3 different floors. It was A LOT… It was too much for me to handle. I wasn’t mentally or physically prepared for this challenge yet and I learned that the hard way. I was working long days cooking for several hundred people per day, running from floor to floor and feeling stressed and bad every day. But I didn’t want to say something because this was my chance, my shot to prove to people that I could handle it, and this day I wish that I had said something. Because one day my responsibility got even higher, my head chef and one of my best friends, who is also a rock in my life, was going to quit and they wanted me to take his position. And that’s when I first felt it, like a knife into my brain and a lightning storm, I got nosebleeds, dried it off and continued. It happened again and again, day after day, sometimes I woke up in a blood drenched pillow and I got so scared for my life. But again THIS WAS MY CHANCE to get a career so I continued to push myself…

Graduation time came and we cooked for between 400-800 persons per night for almost 2 weeks. And in the end of those weeks one night I was the last one to leave the kitchen. As I was going down to change in the basement where the locker rooms were, I felt something, like an explosion in my chest. My nose started to bleed again, I got paralyzed, my body just sunk down to the floor and I started to cry, I couldn’t breath and I couldn’t feel my heartbeats. I thought I was going to die, right there, on the floor of a filthy locker room floor. The only thought in my head was that this is the end, it’s over now and at least I’ve lived a busy life filled with work, success, friends and family. It felt like hours gone by because everything was moving in slow motion, but it was all over after about 20 minutes. Still in shock I changed, went home, and went to bed and just lied there with my eyes open because I couldn’t sleep. I was trying to process what happened. The next day I called in sick and I knew that I had to quit. I couldn’t do this, my body was telling me to stop right now.

So I left. I gave my notice and left. I couldn’t do it anymore. And I realised that it’s not just because of stress, because people handle stress every day. This happened because I was mentally and physically out of shape. I took a quite chill job for the rest of the summer on an island, and when I came back home I started working out both my body and my mind. And for all of you out there that are always pushing yourselves and go around in “Never Rest” T-shirts – you should always listen to your body and your mind. Because there will be a point in life where your body says stop and if you don’t listen to it, the same thing could happen to you.

After that summer I’ve had no nosebleeds, no “lightning storms” in my head and no near death moments. Take care of your body and mind.  Lately I’ve pushed myself harder and harder but now my body can take it! Because now I’ve learned to take care of it –  so learn from my lesson!

Thank you for reading! I’ll see you in my next post! //B1

Stocks, stocks, stocks!

So today I want to share a new experience with you, the Stock Market!!

My cousin likes to learn new stuff, like languages, new skills or even the stock market, which he did!  And yesterday we had a 2 hour long conversation about stocks, and to be honest I didn’t understand a third, but I tried haha! It is so many numbers to keep track of and to understand, which I don’t. But anyway so today I bought my first stocks! So congrats to me for being Kopparbergs new shareholder!!

The reason why I wanted to learn more about stocks is that it’s exactly what the blog is about, investing in yourself, your future. I’m still quite young so the stock market is a perfect place to start if you want to invest money for the future but there is also a faster way, called day trading, sadly I do not know how this works good enough for me to teach you but I found a link if you want to read more about it! Daytrading or Investing? Press here to learn more!

This is a quite obvious thing, but I want to mention it anyway. I go to the gym almost every day, and I see how my muscles expands, gets bigger and adjust to the weights I’m capable of lifting. And you have to work out the entire body so every part grows and everything looks good. We’ve all seen the – Don’t forget legday- posts that flooded the internet a while back so you know what I mean. And now to my point. You also have to expand your mind and push your mind to new limits by reading, seeing, trying, touching, smelling, and tasting new things.  Expand your mind and expand your senses. Learn new skills valuable to you and the life you want to live! That’s also one of the reasons I want to learn about stocks, because it’s a valuable skill to the life I want to live!

DON’T be scared to try new things! And I don’t mean try to eat onions if you don’t like onions… no one like onions!


Thank you for reading! I’ll see you in the next post!//B1

Mother, oh mother.

So i wanna tell you about the person that helped me become the person i am today, – MY MOTHER-. What a woman, she is 156 cm short, super small and still the strongest woman i know.  My mother came to Sweden when she was 6 years old because my grandparents died. My mother has 19 siblings and she is the youngest one. Growing up in poor Portugal she had to beg for money on the streets with the other siblings, and today she is is a mother of 6 and living a good life in Sweden.  My siblings are from the age of 16 and down to 10. And 9 years ago my father passed, leaving my mother alone with a houseloan. 6 kids to raise, take care of the house and work and worst of all – grieve. My mother had no job, no income, because my father wanted my mother to stay home and take care of the family. So due to the lack of money our landlord kicked us out of the house and we had nowhere to go. My mother asked the mayor’s office for help but they declined time after time. But she refused to give up, she contacted TV and the Newspapers to help her, and 2 days before we had to leave the house, the mayor’s office gave us a small 2 bedroom apartment for a family of 7… well, atleast we had somewhere to live, right?…

After a while my mother finally also got a job after 8 years of unemployed,  and could finally pay of all her loans. It took her 5 years to finally be free of depts and now she lives in a big house and has a good life, still fighting to make life better for her and her kids.

Everytime i have problems, setbacks or whatever i just think about this story and realise that if my mother could carry 6 kids on her shoulders from the depths of hell, then i can overcome my small obstacles. Take this story, read it, share it and understand that if you fight hard enough, you can overcome anything that the universe throws at you.

So.. before i say goodbye i have to tell you this, I just googled to find a good quote to finish this post with and i found one that i really liked haha.

-Sometimes i feel like giving up, but then i remember that i have a lot of Mo***rfu***rs to prove wrong!-

Thank you for reading, ill see you in the next post!//B1

If i can have a few minutes of your time?

So.. I’m back at the local coffee shop and looking at my fiancee work. She inspires me.. She really does. She is always there for me and pushes me to do better because she knows that I have it inside of me, to wanna do better, work harder, become stronger – both mentally and physically.

I often look for things to motivate me and my blogpartner showed me this movie -Generation Iron- Im sure you’ve heard of it. And in this documentary you can follow this amazing person, Kai Greene, who is this amazing body builder. But he is also so much more, he is a motivation coach for everyone around the world and for me, he makes me do those 10 last push-ups, 10 last sit-ups, that last set of squats. And the other day i saw this video of a speech he held when he won the Arnold Classics and i really wanna share it with you all, so please take a few minutes to watch it. And remember, -Be the best version of you-.

Just klick the link and enjoy, thanks.//B1